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Attention: There may be problems if you try to sign up using Microsoft Edge, please use Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  If there are any actual problems with the sign up, please email with the tagline cosplay sign-up issue.

Signing up/filling out the form for the Cosplay Contest certifies that cosplayers/competitors have totally read and fully agree to follow ALL rules and conditions without the possibility contesting said rules and conditions in any form.

We will have Online Pre-registration open from (2/20/19) until all spots are full. We will only have five slots in each competitive category at this time. In addition, we will also have 10 slots open for Physical Registration at the convention, location and time (TBD). Please check back often for more information on when and where that will be.  


Prejudging will start on Sunday April 14th at 1:00PM (Location TBD).  Pre-judging is not required for the Exhibition Category, but the contestant(s) entering in that category may attend if they desire. HONORABLE MENTION will be decided by the audience reception.


Here are some Cosplay Runway details:

  •  The Contest is free to enter 

  • Contest will be held at Eastern Rim Sunday April 14th at 4:00PM. Please be at line up 30 minutes before (3:30PM) at the designated spot: THE COSPLAY ROOM, or you may be subjct to disqualification.


 Children (0-12) years

Youth (13-17) years

Adults (18+ Years):


  • Novice - You have never competed before or have not won any major awards (Required to have made 40% of their costume, some alter garments allowed as long as they have been altered 60% or more)

  • Intermediate - You may have competed a couple of times but haven’t won more than two major awards, have won best in Novice Category. (Required to have made 50% of their costume, some bought garments are allowed as long as they have been altered 60% or more)    


  • Advanced - You have competed often, you have won more than three major awards, you have won best in the Intermediate category (Required to have made 70% of their costume, bought garments that are altered over 60% may be allowed at judges discretion)


  • Exhibition - If you want to strut your stuff for the crowd without the pressure of competing, this category is for you. You will be allowed a 45 second walk on to wow and dazzle the audience with your cosplay. This category is eligible for the honorable mention certificate. 

Craftsmanship: Our Cosplay contest is craftsmanship oriented.

  • You will NEED to provide proof of your costume creation process and attend a pre‐judging session on Sunday, April 14th at 1:00 PM. You must attend a session on the day you sign up (unless otherwise specified by the coordinator) for the cosplay contest.

  • You must have at least five progress shots printed in color for the judges to review. Keep in mind that the judges will not have time to read any text if you choose to make a full portfolio; you can bring fabric samples if you'd like. Not having progress shots will negatively affect your score and can even lead to being disqualified from craftsmanship (this will be left to the judges' discretion).


**Store bought or commissioned cosplay are welcome, but the entry will not be eligible for Prizes. If you would like to enter them please do so under the Exhibition Category** 



1st place Children

Great Funko Pop or Toy

1st place Adolescents

Great Gift Card

1st Place Novice


1st Place Intermediate


1st Place Advanced


Honorable Mention for best Exhibition Cosplay

Honorable Mention Certificate


 General Rules for the Cosplay Runway contest:

  • Walk on time is 45 seconds

  • This is a family-friendly competition.

  • NO profanity.

  • NO inappropriate costumes (swimsuit areas must be covered) Body Paint and a thong is not a costume.

  • NO dangerous props or materials such as real weaponry and pyrotechnics of ANY kind that may cause damage to the stage or harm to fellow competitors, or audience members.

  • Competitors shall not conduct themselves in a way that can be construed as harassment towards other competitors.

  • You must sign up to compete.

  • The contest is open to characters from published works; movies, TV shows, comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, video games, card games, roleplaying games and tabletop games and crossovers whose designs are based on artwork and original designs. ***Original Characters (OC’s) will not be accepted as enterable characters in any part of the competition at this time.

  • No staff or volunteers of Eastern Rim will be allowed to enter the competition under any category aside from Exhibition. 

  • All contestants must be in the designated cosplay room where the pre‐meet will occur no later than 3:00 pm Sunday, April 14th Eastern Rim reserves the right to turn away any contest entry it deems inappropriate or not in compliance with the rules.

If you still have any questions or concerns on what we will accept, you can email us at

 Cosplay/Costume Rules: As The Eastern Rim and Funny Book Vintage Con is a family-friendly event, Attendees must ensure that their costumes are appropriate in all respects. Nudity, thongs, body paint/sheer material in lieu of appropriate clothing, and hate symbols (such as swastikas), are prohibited. Shoes must be worn at all times. Military, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, government agent, or similarly themed costumes must be easily distinguishable from modern, official uniforms. Oversized costumes and props are discouraged and may be prohibited.

Bladed/Pointed Weapons: Attendees in possession of a bladed weapon will not be allowed to enter the convention center. The term “bladed weapons” includes pointed weapons as well as knives, swords, daggers, switchblades, machetes, scissors, razor blades, needles, icepicks, axes, hatchets, chainsaws, saws, pickaxes, edged/ pointed martial arts weapons, sickles, scythes, spears, pikes, polearms, halberds, arrows, throwing stars, caltrops, and other items featuring a sharpened edge or point or any item deemed inadmissible by con staff or administration. Attendees who choose to purchase a weapon of any kind or type from a licensed exhibitor, if available, are prohibited from tampering with or removing security measures, such as zip ties, or removing such items from their sealed box or packaging.

Firearms/Guns: Possession of real firearms, operable or inoperable, are strictly prohibited. All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns, water guns with their accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted. *Additionally, they must be inoperable and unable to fire any projectile with the ends painted orange to make it identifiable as a prop weapon or cinched with a red or orange band clearly displayed at all times. Ultimately, any prop gun needs to be clearly identifiable as fake, up close and from a distance.

NOTE THAT NO ACTUAL FIREARMS ARE PERMITTED INSIDE THE CON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. THIS INCLUDES ANY FIREARM, (HANDGUN, RIFLE, AUTOMATIC RIFLE, “ASSAULT STYLE” RIFLE, MACHINE GUN or SHOTGUN), EVEN IF THE WEAPON HAS BEEN DISABLED, RENDERED UNUSABLE OR DE-ACTIVATED. For purposes of this prohibition, the term “firearms” includes all items that are or appear to be guns, rifles, shotguns, Tasers, stun guns, ballistic knives, pepper spray, pellet guns, crossbows, or any other device capable of expelling a projectile through a barrel or cylinder.

Use of Image: Attendees acknowledge that they will, and expressly consent to be, filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded as a condition of attendance during the Con. By entering the event premises, each Attendee relinquishes any reasonable expectation of privacy and grants to The Eastern Rim Funny Book and Vintage Con an irrevocable, royalty and attribution-free right to use, publish and otherwise exploit (and allow others to use and otherwise exploit) any photograph, motion picture, image, recording, or any other record of attendance during the Con, in whole or in part, in perpetuity throughout the universe and beyond, in all media and means, now known or hereafter developed or discovered, for any promotional or other commercial purpose.