Sir Nick Justice

Sir Nick Justice is an cosplayer who started in 2013 by cosplaying Superman at a local San Antonio Comic con. Since then he has developed over 30+ cosplays and over 100+ props that can be seen throughout the world from online orders.

About Me

I started cosplaying as Superman since his personality matched the type of person I wanted to become growing up. I was introduced to many local charity members to participate in their efforts of sharing superhero experiences throughout town. I have experience with a lot of variety events such as LIVE tutorial sessions, Youtube recordings, TV/Commercial events, Celebrity interviewing, birthday parties, and misc events with superhero appearances.

My goals within the next year or two is to become more involved with personal Youtube productions, advanced leathermaking, sculpt and molding, better educated in 3D printing/modeling, expand on nutrition to others, and continue to add extreme details into my newest cosplays.

Each cosplay I debut is personally funded, any donations made on my website or link in Ko-Fi helps allow others in town and at charity events to experience epic characters!